Boost Foot Traffic

Alert attendees to visit your display or booth using smart phone technology and increase booth performance by as much as 10X norms!


Show up at any Event

Think of the power of being ever present at Events & shows you aren’t even at! We can show you how to influence attendees when you can’t be there!


Political Advertising Deals

Over 30 years experience with Media Buying for political campaigns! Fast – Affordable and Reliable partners with the experience to help you WIN!


DDM Capabilities and Explanations

Digital Direct Mail:

The Premiere Database Builder!
80% of businesses rank email as their #1 or #2 choice for their marketing
efforts. 96% of small businesses surveyed plan to maintain or increase their
email spending in the coming year! (Borrell & Associations, 2018)

Do you currently collect emails addresses from your customers?
How many do you have?
How long did it take?
When you send offers to your database does it produce results?
What If you could double the number of interested consumers in your database?


Email your offer to thousands of consumers in your area who are NOT your
current customers!

We have over 100 million email addresses available in our
database, complete with contact information for consumers in your
area! They have all checked a box saying “YES” to receiving – 3rd
Party offers! For each Email Campaign we create an Ideal Customer Profile
using filters in our database to target your best potential customers!

Digital Direct Mail:

The Premiere Database Builder!
The national average open rate is about 2 to 3% which includes duplicates. We
use our exclusive “Multi-Send” platform to deliver an average Open Rate of
14.2% with low spam & undelivered emails. The industry average click
through rate (CTR) is one-half percent while our average is CTR is 7.3%!
This provides more data for you and MORE future customers!
We include all consumers who “OPEN” your email.
This is called a Warm Lead.
They were interested enough in your email to open it and take a look.
We also include all consumers who “CLICK” on your offer.
This is called a Hot Lead!
These consumers were interested enough to open your email, click
on your offer, to visit your website and start the shopping process!
You will receive your Custom Email Database two weeks to 10 business days
after the final send of each 4-week campaign.
Our exclusive Multi-Send Platform provides the highest open & click rates in the industry! The data is sent to you in a format where you can easily add them to your own database!

3rd Party Emails!


Legally, CAN-SPAM compliance only requires a business to be forthright and to have an opt-out option. However, many Email Sending Platforms (ESPs). like Mai/Chimp & Constant Contact, do not accept 3rd Party email lists. They require that the emails added are only those who directly opt-in on your website. Some businesses use CRM’s for sending mass emails, but they are not as efficient as ESPs. Be sure to check with your ESP for compatibility.


After you upload the new contacts to your ESP, some emails will bounce. It doesn’t mean the email is not good. Each ESP has its own algorithm that affects delivery. Try sending the email again in a separate batch or email the bounces directly to determine if the bounce is legit. We send out our large emails in batches or waves to reduce bounces. After a year, a successful 3rd Party Database will have 50-6o% of the list remaining.


We will email to both personal & business emails that are in our database. We will not exclude business emails because people spend the majority of their day at work & will open it more frequently. An email campaign with a combination of personal & business emails gets the best results.


Opens will be higher than the Unique Opens provided in your Custom Email Database. This is because people will open emails & click on offers multiple times. Multiple opens is a good sign because it shows high interest or that the email was forwarded to a friend! Before we deliver the Custom Email Database, we scrub out these duplicates.


All data, like all products in business, have a margin of error. Restaurants have spoilage & food waste, retailers have breakage & seepage, professional businesses have errors & omissions, and even gold is only 99.9996 pure! 3rd Party emailing has an average of 10-1596 margin of error. We work diligently to provide the lowest margin of error possible.