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Political advertising for a presidential election in the U.S. usually bombards TV viewers, radio listeners and internet users with an endless stream of agenda messaging. In the 2016 Presidential election cycle The amount of money spent on political advertising rose to an estimated $9.8 billion.

Television’s Impact on Politics

The invention of the Television changed the way politicians reach audiences. Before that, it was all about burning shoe leather, meeting voters, holding town-hall debates, and shaking hands. In 1948, Harry S. Truman traveled more than 31,000 miles and shook more than half a million hands.

In the current climate as this is being written, President Donald J. Trump has mastered the concept of “Big Event” electioneering. Trump rally’s draw 10’s of thousands of eager and faithful participants who desire to be part of the “Movement” If you want that kind of success – we can help make it a reality! Build instant “Name Recognition” You can become a household name overnight!  See Program Details Here  

TV Power giving in to New Media Influences  – Build Your List!

The power of television established itself during the 1960 presidential campaign. Richard Nixon’s television addresses covering the Cold War and government corruption were very powerful. However, John F. Kennedy, the eventual winner, was born to be on camera and created more than 200 television ads in his run for the White House.

Television viewers thought Kennedy was the clear winner of his debate with Nixon, but those listening on radio thought the opposite.

Their televised debate is seen as a watershed in political campaigning. While Kennedy was at ease on camera, looking slick and confident, Nixon was fidgety, had sweat on his brow and looked troubled.

These early pioneers had a relatively unbiased media and did not have to deal with the “Blizzard effect” that is marketing and advertising today! On the internet messages get lost, and that’s the reason online advertising is giving back a weak Return on Investment. While each message (Snowflake) is unique – there are so many coming at the consumer in that blizzard of messages – that nothing stands out in the storm. WE MAKE YOU STAND OUT!  See here

Get Massive Crowds to Events? Build Your List!

The Trump team has realigned the underlying priorities of campaign advertising and marketing forever – and the competition seem slow on the uptake. The “Perception” concept is a fundamental force of “new media” marketing science – A science that all political candidates must realize if they want to succeed in future elections. Details Here

With all of the distractions in traditional media, the key to succeeding in the dawn of new media is in finding ways to drive people, live bodies to events, live, online, fundraisers etc. and to get them to act!

How to Beat the Competition? Build Your List!

Our Direct Digital Marketing programs offer a 100 Million Plus person “Live Data” email program or “Liquid Data Source” that uses Opt-in 3rd party liquid data to send emails to the most current and receptive recipients. Combine that with our “Live Data Capture” technology and as our client – you also receive the first and last Names, email addresses and physical addresses of those who open the emails or click through to your message.

If you want to target an area to drive people to an event, as the Trump campaign does… We can help make it happen. Unlike static email lists, ours is live, A “Liquid Data Source” current to the moment, so you’ll get a much higher response. And – because you collect the respondents contact information – you can use that DATA to BUILD YOUR LIST! We can even show you how to target by demographics, interests and the like!

If you are seeking to get out an issues message – there is no faster or more efficient way to do it. Local, Statewide of national political messages or candidate campaigns really should look closely at our DDM system. It works! Call 888-449-2526 for a free consultation. Details

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