Boost Foot Traffic

Alert attendees to visit your display or booth using smart phone technology and increase booth performance by as much as 10X norms!


Show up at any Event

Think of the power of being ever present at Events & shows you aren’t even at! We can show you how to influence attendees when you can’t be there!


Political Advertising Deals

Over 30 years experience with Media Buying for political campaigns! Fast – Affordable and Reliable partners with the experience to help you WIN!


100 Million Opt-in “Liquid Data Source” Email Recipients – for Politics – Fundraising – Business

How to do outbound opt-in email successfully – Use our 100 Million Opt-in DDM live data emails! Minimum Order 10,000 Email Recipients! Build Name Recognition Lightening Fast! “Brand Quick”

While some dedicated email lists or static email lists might do great for specific offers or calls to action… We have found after 20 years of experience that nothing compares to the results our clients get with DDM (Direct Digital Marketing) email and related lead capture techniques like ours. This is the best database and list building system we have ever seen.

  • The “Live Data” is always fresh and current!
  • Open rates routinely exceed 14%
  • Click through Rates (CTR) is often above 7%



14% + Open Rate | 7% + CTR

In addition to the remarkable responses you will receive – The recipient of the email, upon opening the email or clicking through delivers a treasure trove of contact information back to our super-servers – Such as their first and last names and physical mailing address. That information is collected by us on our client’s behalf and delivered back to you in excel of CSV formats. You can then add these contacts to your internal database for re-marketing etc.

Geo targeting, Site re-targeting, Contextual re-targeting, search re-targeting, Geo fencing and Geo framing are part of our basic list building and sales driving effort.

Our “Direct Digital Marketing” system is perfect for Political candidates, Issues advertising, fundraising, product sales, service sales and for making anything a nationally recognized or locally placed entity a household name virtually overnight.

Campaigns can target as few as 10,000 opt-in email recipients, 100,000 – 1,000,000 – 10,000,000 or 100 million people.

Bulk rates are available for some offers – especially for those that commit to multiple email blasts and re-targeting programs.

List building and in-house data bases are major factors moving forward in this technologically driven “New Economy”.

Let us show you how fun and easy it is to solidify your future.

For the 2020 election cycle – Many candidates are already weighing in. If you want to reach voters and activists – this is the way! Call us today for a free consult! 888-449-2526.

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