Boost Foot Traffic

Alert attendees to visit your display or booth using smart phone technology and increase booth performance by as much as 10X norms!


Be At EVENTS You Aren’t At?

Think of the power of being ever present at Events & shows you aren’t even at! We can show you how to influence attendees when you can’t be there!


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Ask about driving tons of relevant foot traffic to your Political Campaign Rally – Booth or Table at Trade Shows, Fairs and other Events!

People who carry smart phones at events, and are in any way connected to one of our 5000+ online Ad Distributor partners can be “nudged” through the ad networks to visit a specific booth, table or event! Call for more detailed information 888-449-2526.  See Details Here

Advertising helpers is a one stop media shop

How to advertise events, product shows, workshops! We help businesses, organizations, educators, professionals, public speakers, politicians, Advocacy groups, PAC’s and others that move from location to location to host events of every type – Traveling city to city conducting Business seminars, personal development seminars, workshops, training seminars, trade shows, Job fairs and educational gatherings of any kind! If you are conducting events weekly, monthly, annually or day to day – Our professional media planners reach out ahead and perform all of the media buying, advertising and marketing tasks required to gather a crowd and hold a successful event!

Who will benefit?

Real Estate, Income or investment opportunities, Medical or other educational affairs, MLM events, clubs, Fraternal Organizations, Political Parties and political events or any circumstance where people need to make a reservation to attend a seminar or what-ever in advance? We get the word out using unique digital products and traditional advertising media that target your attendees by location, demographics, interests, hobbies, income, industry and other marketing touch points. 888-449-2526

Why what we do works!

We know how to advertise trade shows, product shows and workshops! We are experts at planning radio, Television, Online, email and Smart Phone campaigns. Our clients love our live email data DDM Marketing and the fact that our system grabs real people in real time that you can add to your own internal email or direct mail database.

If you are planning events in the future – traveling from place to place, we are the event marketing planners that make your event a household name before you arrive! 888-449-2526

Our rates and Prices are very competitive!

Call for more detailed information and a proposal – Most of our services are 100% No Cost (Free) to our clients as the media outlets commission our campaigns to gain your business. It’s a win-win-win. The cost for our services are almost always the same or less than you might expect to pay for the media alone – with you doing all of the work! Let us do the work, save you time and money and use our 25 years experience to your advantage to help free you up to make your events winning endeavors! 888-449-2526

How to Advertise for Workshops, Seminars or Webinars

The right advertising attracts the right audience to your event.
No matter how good a seminar or webinar topic might be, your target audience will not attend if it doesn’t know the event exists. You can’t afford to waste time or money by not properly planning your advertising. With the right advertising combinations and creativity, you can attract large turnouts instead of mediocre ones.

Online Advertising:

Social media is a resource that shouldn’t be ignored when advertising your seminar or webinar. Facebook Events as one example allows you to add your workshop, seminar or webinar details. We can Geo Target with online display advertising in many locations also! 888-449-2526

Consider Twitter:

By tweeting a link that contains your seminar or webinar details, you not only increase your event’s exposure but also increase your chances of someone retweeting your tweet. Likewise, you can include a hashtag for your event within your tweet.

Offline Advertising:

You should also advertise offline. Running print ads in the business sections of newspapers and in the online editions with digital display for Geo Targeting… Also Geo Fencing techniques properly utilized can be extremely beneficial. The more touch points about your event that your target audience hears, sees or reads can help make your event a “Top of Mind” Must go attraction! To be effective, you will have to run multiple instances of the ad before your target audience notices and registers for your event, so plan and budget wisely. Radio and Cable TV ads and commercials are another resource to advertise your workshops, seminars or webinars. Likewise, direct mail advertising such as postcards is an effective way to spread the word about your event.

100 Million Emails From Our “Liquid Data Source” Better than any Email list!

Unique Data Base DDM Email Marketing:

DDM Email marketing is one of the preferred advertising tools you can use to promote your workshops, training, seminars or webinars. By emailing Our live email data base and converting those into leads that you then own to place in your database – or by emailing your existing customers or prospects you can inform potential attendees of your latest and upcoming events! Call 888-449-2526 now! DETAILS